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Rooster Radon is the industry leader in radon fan replacement and the go to company of choice when radon fan failure occurs.
Our number one goal is to get your system up and running as quickly as possible. Please click feel free to book online or give us a call absolutely anytime. Once booked we will give you a call to confirm as well as go over your specific needs. We can make any needed changes when we speak and look forward to meeting you in person.

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Your radon fan may have failed simply from normal wear or it might have failed due to another factor. When your Rooster Radon technician replaces your radon mitigation fan, we will also complete a 100 point check of your radon mitigation system to ensure your system is running at 100%.
In the event we need to make a simple repair, in most cases we can make that repair at no cost. In the event additional repairs are needed in addition to the radon fan replacement your radon technician will explain what is needed and allow you to decide if you would like the repair completed at time of install or book the repair a later date. We never want out customers to feel pressured.
There are a few things you can do prior to booking a fan replacement. We encourage you to check the radon fan electrical circuit that powers your radon system to ensure the breaker powering the radon fan has not tripped. If the radon fan is installed in your home’s attic, check to make sure that the radon fan did not come unplugged. If your radon fan is installed on the exterior of your home check the electrical box next to the radon fan to ensure the electrical switch is in the on position.
Your radon system should have a device installed on the piping that measures air flow called a U-tube or manometer. Check to see if the plastic tubing on the air flow device has not come out. If it has, simply put the tube back in the small hole next to the air flow device and see if the air flow device senses movement. Sometimes during extreme cold weather, a radon mitigation system can freeze over. Typically, this will be a short-term issue that will fix itself as temperatures rise.
All radon fans have a motor and will create a little bit of noise. If the noise becomes louder over time or is making an abnormal noise it may be a sign that your radon fan Where other radon mitigation companies only carry one fan size, Rooster Radon stocks a variety of fans to accommodate different size homes and soil types to ensure your radon fan replacement is right for your home.
All Rooster Radon fans come with a 5 year Rooster Radon industry leading warranty. However, Rooster Radon is the go to company of choice for fan replacement for all radon mitigation systems regardless of the original service provider. Thank you for selecting Rooster Radon for your radon fan replacement and we look forward to meeting you in person!