we do things a little differently by going

above & beyond

When you select Rooster Radon as your Wisconsin radon mitigation company of choice, we want you to know Rooster Radon is a little bit different than the other mitigation companies.
Where most radon mitigation systems installed are designed to get your radon gas levels below 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) Rooster Radon aims to get levels as close to zero pCi/L as possible. Give us a call today to get on the schedule 262-229-4275

our goal is to prioritize

your safety

We start by collecting information about your home and a site visit may be necessary. Every home is different and your custom radon mitigation systems is designed and installed with the specific objective of lowering your radon levels as low as possible specific to your home at a reasonable price.

To achieve the lowest radon levels possible and at an affordable price, our Rooster Radon engineers and technicians will think outside the box using years of experience and radon system engendering to significantly drop your radon levels lower than the industry standard. We take great pride in our radon systems and cutting corners to get your radon levels low is not how we do business.

To achieve our goal of the lowest radon level possible we might need to add an additional suction point, run air diagnostics to calculate the best system location and fan selection. We will think outside the box to get your radon levels as low as possible. Simply attaching a pipe to a sump pump is quick and easy however it’s not always the best way to achieve the lowest levels possible and can be cosmetically unsightly.
When we say we do things a little differently, we’re saying we go above and beyond to ensure were lowering the radon levels in your home as low as possible and at no additional cost!
We simply excel where other mitigation companies fall short.
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Once booked we will give you a call to confirm as well as go over your specific needs. We can make any needed changes when we speak and look forward to meeting you in person.